In this post to WattsUpWithThat (WUWT), Canadian scientist, Allan M.R. MacRae, B.A.Sc., M.Eng., tells how a Centennial Leadership Award he had been granted for 2019 was withdrawn because he challenged claims about climate change on WUWT.


A recent Netflix ‘Our Planet’ program with David Attenborough delivering a disturbing message of doom about walruses falling off a cliff to their deaths because of climate change is contrived nonsense on par with the bogus National Geographic starving polar bear video of 2017. The walruses shown in this Netflix film were almost certainly driven over the cliff by polar bears during a well-publicized incident in 2017, not because they were “confused by a combination of shrinking ice cover and their own poor eyesight“.


UPDATE No 1: Andrew Montford asks if Netflix film crew helped to drive walruses off cliff? Link to Update No.1

UPDATE No. 2: Was Attenborough's Netflix porn the worst BBC climate programme ever? Link to Update No.2


UPDATE No $: Attenborough and Green propagandists rely on Tragedy Porn Link to Update No 4

A 'Happy Easter' posting on NZ blog Whaleoil: "As Eric Idle of Monty Python fame said, 'always look on the bright side of life'. There is so much gloom and doom pedalled by the MSM because it sells better. When it comes to climate change scientists actually increase their institution’s cash flow if they proclaim something catastrophic and threatening. So this is dedicated to Eric … “always look on the bright side of climate change, especially CO2 increases”.


"There is nothing coincidental about common déjà vu features of a CO2 climate crisis-premised war on fossil fuels and a hysterically-hyped sulfur dioxide (SO2) emission acid rain environmental calamity a half-century ago.Both scams have claimed to be based upon dire computer model-based predictions calling for costly interventions. Both also involved the same sorts of crony constituencies: alarmist 'scientific authorities,' deep-pocket NGO promoters, and headline-hungry politicians eagerly rewarded by swarms of credulous media reporters." Professor Larry Bell, posts at Newsmax.


John Rofe is a New Zealand fraud investigator. In this paper he sets out these conclusions: "For the period since satellite records began, the global atmospheric temperature increase to the end of March 2019 is now down to only 0.34 degrees Celsius. (That is the only tamper-proof temperature data now available.) That doesn’t support the notion of runaway global warming. This year it is claimed the global warming industry will be worth USD1.5 trillion and its total worth is climbing rapidly. It is simply a USD1.5 trillion fraud that will continue to get bigger."

Indicators of fraud2.pdf