When Al Gore coined the term "carbon footprint", he and his alarmist conspirators, in their evil desire to scare the populace, seized on using the term carbon as a synonym for carbon dioxide (CO2) knowing it would conjure up visions of soot, lamp black and coal dust, none of which were warm and fuzzy. Dr Jay Lehr and Tom Harris explain this attempted brainwashing.


The first ever audit of the HadCrut4 global data from 1850 onwards used by climate alarmists to justify their claims of "dangerous anthropogenic global warming" (now known as "climate change" in the absence of predicted warming) has been undertaken by Melbourne climate analyst Dr John McLean for his PhD thesis, and then continued it on afterwards until it was complete. Three links follow:

First by Joanne Nova on her widely-read blog (and be sure to read through the many comments that follow): Link

Then James Delingpole, well known UK columnist at Breitbart: Link to James

Finally, where to buy an on-line copy of the complete thesis for US$8: Buy

In the new NIPCC report, 117 scientists, economists, and other experts address and refute the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) assertions that the impacts of climate change on human well-being and the natural environment justify dramatic reductions in the use of fossil fuels. The Summary provides more than 100 references to peer-reviewed literature, while the full report provides nearly 3,000 such references.


As the world contemplates greater use of wind and solar power, two new papers from USA, find it would require five to 20 times more land than previously thought, and would warm average surface temperatures over the continental U.S. by 0.24 degrees C.


Two days ago, the New Zealand Herald published an op-ed by Professor Emeritus Geoff Duffy, of University of Auckland, NZ, rebutting claims about emissions of methane by livestock contained in a report to our Parliament by the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment. Today in the Herald is a letter to the editor from one Paul Judge, of Hamilton, calling Prof Duffy a "climate denier", and challenging Geoff's statements about absence of warming. Read below, Geoff's article, and look at graphs that weren't in the Herald article. Then decide for yourself: who is the real denier?

Link to Duffy article

And here are graphs to support Geoff's article: AUSTRALIA and USA temp graphs.pdf