The MUST of all must-reads on climate change: This Powerpoint history by Greek Professor Demetris Koutsoyiannis recalls that climate change was adopted as a means of world government by a small group of eugenicists who wanted to limit Earth's population, HIghlights: World salvation from climate threats through global governance is the garment dressing the monster of totalitarian world control.  We do not need saviours, who claim that they will save the planet, the humankind or the human race.  History teaches that what we really need is to save ourselves (and our societies) from these anti-humanist saviours.  Also, we need to protect freedom, democracy and education, which are currently under (unprecedented?) global attack.  It took World War 2 to get rid of eugenics and human species salvation; will the COVID 19 crisis suffice to get rid of climate salvation?

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