Anyone concerned at the misinformational peddled about alleged adverse effects on Earth's climate arising from of emissions of methane (CH4) by farm animals must read this 2014 paper by U.S. scientist Dr Tom Sheahen, in which he first applies to CH4 the term "irrelevant", a term since picked up by other scientists such as Dr Will Happer.


These slides by US physicist Dr Ed Berry prove human CO2 emissions add only 18 ppm to CO2 in the atmosphere while nature adds 392 ppm. Therefore, everything the UN IPCC and its supporters have told you about climate change is WRONG! Human emissions do not change the climate.(Click on downward arrow lower left corner to change slides)


New Zealand blog Climate Conversation has just issued this media releaae: "Global warming fear is powered by the belief that we cause it, but the UN now tacitly admit they can’t prove it, after a group of prominent New Zealand sceptics asked the IPCC Secretariat for evidence of dangerous man-made warming and got nothing."


And here's further proof: DOWNLOAD ALLISON PDF

Former climate activist Michael Shellenberger has condemned alarmists for “terrorising school children” with false claims that the world is about to end... Adolescents these days have a lot to worry about, anxiety and depression are rising among everyone really, certainly adolescents, and I thought it was not right to be terrorising school children and giving them false information.” Shellenberger - who has been invited to be an expert reviewer to the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change - maintains that climate change is occurring but says it is not a “catastrophic threat”.


We thank New Zealand's most-widely-read blog, "Whaleoil Beef Hooked" for having the courage to be the only news medium to publish this article by John Rofe, a specialist in fraud detection. His paper tells us: "The time has come for reality to displace the elaborate fiction created under the auspices of the United Nations directed climate change fraud. It has long been known that CO2 is colourless, odourless, non-toxic at atmospheric concentrations and essential for the survival of all life on earth. Further, more atmospheric CO2 means more plant food to help the greening of the planet. Less atmospheric CO2 means all plant life suffers because it is so essential to support photosynthesis. The charade of any political party that refers to itself as 'green' attempting to tax CO2 and thereby reduce its concentration is bizarre in the extreme". James Shaw should be ashamed of his role in this fraud." We recommend also the GSM video linked in the Rofe paper.



"There is NO climate emergency. Preaching doom and gloom is a crime against the young generation. These are the key points of a new manifesto from the Climate Intelligence Group or CLINTEL. CLINTEL is a rapidly growing international group, led by prominent scientists, that opposes the ill-founded attempts to scare people into hasty climate policy actions. They also oppose the terrorizing of children as part of the false climate alarm". U.S.analyst Dr David Wojick posts on New Zealand blog, TheBFD.


The World Climate Declaration was initiated in 2019 by emeritus professor Guus Berkhout, founder of the Dutch Climate Intelligence Foundation (CLINTEL). The list of 816 signatories is a living document that is regularly updated with new additions. The most up-to-date version can be found on The declaraton is headed "There is No Climate Emergency" and contains detailed evidence to support this fact. The honorary secretary of our Coaltiion, Terry Dunleavy MBE, is New Zealand Ambassador for Clintel.




In this important paper, German scientist Uili Kulke, quotes Henrik Svensmark, head of solar research at Denmark’s Technical University in Copenhagen: “The climate is influenced more by changes in cosmic radiation than by carbon dioxide”. CO2 has an effect, of course, “but it is far less than most current climate models assume, and also less than the influence of cosmic radiation”. In his opinion, a doubling of the greenhouse gas in the atmosphere would cause an increase in global temperature of at most one degree, and not two degrees, as is now generally accepted.


Distinguished Canadian climate scientist, Professor Timothy Ball, explains why and how it is important to help ordinary people understand that claims of dangerous human-caused "global warming" is a hoax that will cost us billions of dollars and do nothing to change global temperatures.

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Two Greek scientists report in the Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestial Physics: "The global warming during 1978–2018 was not more enhanced at high latitudes near the surface; the intrinsic properties of the lower stratospheric temperature are not related to those in the troposphere; the results obtained do not reveal the global warming occurrence." Heavy scientific reading, but highly convincing.


In the light of a new report by a science group, the Argonauts, showing that the UN IPCC made a fundamental error of physics which predicted warming at three times the rate actually recorded, a New Zealabd trust, Environomics (NZ) Trust, has called on its government to either refute the Argonauts' f...

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John Rofe is a New Zealand fraud investigator. In this paper he sets out these conclusions: "For the period since satellite records began, the global atmospheric temperature increase to the end of March 2019 is now down to only 0.34 degrees Celsius. (That is the only tamper-proof temperature data now available.) That doesn’t support the notion of runaway global warming. This year it is claimed the global warming industry will be worth USD1.5 trillion and its total worth is climbing rapidly. It is simply a USD1.5 trillion fraud that will continue to get bigger."

Indicators of fraud2.pdf

In this post to WattsUpWithThat (WUWT), Canadian scientist, Allan M.R. MacRae, B.A.Sc., M.Eng., tells how a Centennial Leadership Award he had been granted for 2019 was withdrawn because he challenged claims about climate change on WUWT.


Greg Williams posts at Quadrant: "I am a mathematics teacher in a well-to-do school. Next year will be my fiftieth year in the profession. I am well known around the school as someone who hasn’t fallen for the CO2 swindle, although I have no problem with the notion that the various climates around the earth are changing in various ways. Being a mathematics teacher, the notion the mainstream media runs, that the earth has 'a climate', appals me. How can we can 'average' the multitude of climates around the earth and come up with 'the climate'? It does not compute." Read on to see what he explains to his students.


Climate change alarmism is based entirely on speculation, not on science. Alarmism per se is not a hoax, because people really believe it. But alarmism is driven by a repeated practice that is in fact a hoax. This common hoax is the presentation of speculative conclusions as though they were established scientific facts about the physical world. The standard definition of a hoax is a deliberate deception that is intended to fool a lot of people. The scientists and journalists who falsely report speculations as facts know perfectly well what they are doing, which makes what they do a hoax. Distinguished US analyst Dr David Wojick explains:


A website for continuing reference well worth adding to your bookmarks. This website explains why Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is essential for life, and the many benefits it confers on Planet Earth and all everyone who lives and everything that grows on it.


"If substantiated, this research blows the man-made global warming theory (anthropogenic forcing) right out of the water. This is huge. The effect for us is huge. We can abandon the politically and financially motivated Paris Accord and put the man-made climate change myth where it belongs – in the fairy tale section of school libraries. Solar variability is the knife through the heart of man-made global warming." LINK

Retired New Zealand agricultural research scientist offers sensible advice to children who marched on 15 March to draw attention to climate change.


UK academics draw attention of parents, children and teachers to dangers of brainwashing in schools (courtesy of Global Warming Policy Foundation).


Contributor Suze to New Zealand Whaleoil blog adds this constructive contribution to the debate


Also from (exellent site!) an American certified electromagnetic compliance engineer with more than 30 years practical experience in high power radio frequency and microwave applicationsapologies for this post being highly technical, but explains why his critique of the CO2 driven climate change theory is based on a practical understanding of the intersection between chemistry and electromagnetic theory.


Contrary to the IPCC’s statement that it is “very likely” sea-level rise is accelerating, the highest quality coastal tide gauges from around the world show no evidence of acceleration since the 1920s. Local and regional sea levels continue to exhibit typical natural variability, unrelated to change...

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