Dr Roger Higgs (DPhil Oxford, geology, 1982-86) writes: "The United Nations IPCC says ongoing warming is due to man's CO2 emissions, hence 'Anthropogenic Global Warming' (AGW). The 3 pillars on which they base this claim are unscientific and quickly disproved."


Britain’s plans to decarbonise the economy have not been properly thought through, and there is a dangerous lack of systems and project engineering input. That’s according to Michael Kelly, emeritus professor of technology in the Department of Engineering at the University of Cambridge, who says that replacing fossil fuels with electricity from renewables is impractical on the timescale of 2050.“It’s clear that there has been little or no systems engineering input into the plans. How can we possibly proceed further along the renewables path when we lack any technology to store electricity at scale? How can we hope to electrify transport when we would need to consume the whole global annual supply of several important minerals to do so, just for the UK?” And Professor Kelly warns that the costs of decarbonising will be ruinous of our current standards of living.


U.S. physicist, Dr Ed Berry at his website edberry.com writes: "The fact that IPCC’s human carbon cycle is significantly different from the true human carbon cycle – that corresponds to IPCC’s natural carbon cycle – proves IPCC’s human carbon cycle is invalid. IPCC treats human and natural carbon differently, which is unphysical."


The MUST of all must-reads on climate change: This Powerpoint history by Greek Professor Demetris Koutsoyiannis recalls that climate change was adopted as a means of world government by a small group of eugenicists who wanted to limit Earth's population, HIghlights: World salvation from climate threats through global governance is the garment dressing the monster of totalitarian world control.  We do not need saviours, who claim that they will save the planet, the humankind or the human race.  History teaches that what we really need is to save ourselves (and our societies) from these anti-humanist saviours.  Also, we need to protect freedom, democracy and education, which are currently under (unprecedented?) global attack.  It took World War 2 to get rid of eugenics and human species salvation; will the COVID 19 crisis suffice to get rid of climate salvation?

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The Global Climate Intelligence Group (CLINTEL) is an EU-based organization promoting climate realism in the face of climate alarmism. CLINTEL authored “There is No Climate Emergency,” prepared by 700 scientists and professionals, When this CLINTEL document was attacked by the Poynter Institute on the basis of its membership, not the content of the document, Poynter was condemned in an open letter by CLINTEL president Dr Guus Berkhout who gave a welcome lesson in how such debates should be conducted.